Everyone is welcome!

We hope that you will find a warm welcome when you come to visit Sts. Mary Magdalene & Markella. Anyone, whether Orthodox or not, is welcome to enter our Church with reverence. Although many of our members are, in fact, Greek or of Greek descent, many others come from various backgrounds.


Why Greek?

The “Greek” in “Greek Orthodox” does not refer to ethnicity, but to the eastern half of the original “one, holy, catholic, and apostolic Church,” for which the traditional liturgical and theological language was Greek. After all, the New Testament and the lion’s share of early Christian writings were composed in Greek. So we are called “Greek” in the same way that the Roman Catholic Church is often called “Latin.” In this sense, our sister Orthodox Churches in Russia, Romania, Serbia, the Arab world, and elsewhere, may also be called “Greek Orthodox,” because their liturgy and theology descend from the tradition of the Greek Church Fathers.


Before Your First Visit…

If you are visiting the Orthodox Church for the first time, some of the things we do may confuse you. It may help to read this brief article before your first visit. Don’t worry, these things will seem more natural with time. If you are more curious, you might enjoy the short videos below. Click HERE to see more of these videos about different aspects of Orthodox worship and belief.


What are the Two Sunday Services?

On Sunday mornings and most feast days we celebrate two services:

Orthros (9.00-10.00 a.m.)

The first, called “Orthros” in Greek or “Matins” in English contains psalms to celebrate the new day and hymns to commemorate the particular saint or feast of the day. This is not “an early service” equivalent to the later service. Rather, Orthros prepares the faithful for the eucharistic service.

Divine Liturgy (10.00-11.30 a.m)

We call our eucharistic service “Divine Liturgy” (equivalent to a Roman Catholic mass). The liturgy is the main service of the day and contains the day’s scriptural readings, the sermon, and the service of divine communion.


Don’t be shy!

If you join us for worship, please don’t be shy! Stay afterwards for coffee hour so we can get to know you.